Jul 3, 2008

Camping OOOH My!!

Yup you read it right I am going camping, rough camping, the kind you set a tent out and cook over open flames, Yikes!! What am I doing????

First timmer and almost scared out of my mind, of course my hubby has a lot to do with my fear as he sits at dinner yesterday saying we should take a gun, what if a bear comes in our tent, scary, yup!! No guns for us, I do have to asmit my brother is going as well and about 7 other families so I am sure we will do fine.

So nervous about what to pack and get prepared! Yesterday I packed jackets for the boys and long sleeves, am I crazy? Probably, it's 113 degrees right now, but better safe then sorry! Right??

So we leave today mid day or so and hope to take millions of pictures! Hope is the key word! Wish me luck!

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