Jun 8, 2011

Practical Scrappers Published me Again!

Wooohoooo!!! I am so excited once again Practical Scrappers Published me!! I am so Honored!

Here is the LO:

Please go and check out the rest of the wonderful Summer Creations!!

Jun 5, 2011

Preparing to Meet Layla & Rainy Day~ Redo

Hello here are two LO today. They are old LO updated. I usually don't do this but I  had a few LO that I hated before and I am glad that I am updating now. Hope you like the new version.

Preparing to meet Layla Before:

Preparing to meet Layla after:
I took the frame and added a different title, and more color. I like this one much better.
Rainy Day Before: I hated the title structure and the faces on the flower and cloud.
Rainy Day After: I took the same picture format and added a better look or so I think.

Well hope you enjoyed looking at my Page redo. If you end up redoing a page please link it in your response as I would love to see the results.