May 6, 2008

Last One for today! SPIDERMAN

This is my little MAN ~Spiderman on Halloween! So cute!

Okay are you all tried yet??

Here is another Lo of my baby Elijah, in July. Imagine how much bigger he is now! Man I no longer have a baby!!

Spalsh Zone

This was a fun LO to make! The star Mesh is downloaded from Caro, Thanks so much!!

Buzz Lightyear The worst LO Ever!!

Okay so I think I know what you are thinking, you probably made this years ago when you first started scrapbooking, and the answer is NO!! I made this on Saturday! I know, it is terrible, I hate every part of it. The stickers, the colors, the LO!! I hate it so much after I made it, it took me an hour to convience myself that I still could continue my hobbyy of scrapbooking.

Sad I know I think I will frame it to remind me never again to use stickers.



Oh My Chubba Wubba. This is when he was much smaller.

Look at MY Guns!!

The Best things in Life R Memories

Yummy Treats

I love these pictures, we had so much fun eating this Disney treat!

Some more Disney LO!

Here are some more LO of the Disney Trip.

This is a lo of the Nemo Ride. The line was insane!!

Cricut Swarm

These are all part of my Disney Album.

This one is my favorite for my disney album.

THese are pictures as we are going into the park, my babies where just confused.

This is going to be my title page.

Hope you like all these LO!

Thanks for visiting my Blog!